The difference

The Difference

Our philosophy has always been to develop custom mechanical sealing solutions, along with an efficient and on-going collaboration with our customers interested in reducing their energy consumption and operating costs, as well as the impact on the environment.

Our vision: customised products

An on-going and symbiotic relationship with the customer allows us to come up with custom solutions, working towards a shared success: the traditional distance between customer and manufacturer is definitively obsolete.

We develop custom mechanical seal solutions: like a “tailoring” process we design and build our products modelling them on customer needs, in terms of size and applied technologies.

Over time, Sweden has become synonymous with rationality and precision, our production process guarantees punctual and quality service. We operate in numerous markets and industrial sectors, and our many years of experience in the food industry, our top field of action, ranks among our various specialisations: for example, our mechanical seals guarantee the absence of product residues and subsequent harmful bacterial loads.

Efficient support tools


Standing strong on a century of experience, we are continuously pursuing technologically cutting-edge solutions.


We have always been fully aware that the mechanical seal is a fundamental component of rotating equipment. The reliability of our mechanical seals is a crucial condition to increasing the competitivity of our partners.


In addition to creating products designed for every need, we provide exclusive support and the possibility of customizing products, even with customer branding, of developing and choosing tools and materials together. The intention is nevertheless to increase flexibility and fulfil the various needs of an increasingly demanding market.