Special Features

Diamond Coating

Clean water used for barrier (double seals) or flushing (single seals) is often a scarce resource. The solution to this problem is to use single cartridge seals with crytalline diamond coating on the Silcone Carbide seal faces.

The diamond coating offers an extremely hard surface, lowest possible friction and optimal heat conductivity.

This allows for operation with single cartridge seals, where normally double seals or single seals with flush into the product would be used.


Patented hygienic Elastomer profile that satisfies the highest Cleanability demands on the seal.

The special geometry of LIPORING prevents deposit formation, cause sometimes of bacterial proliferation and facilitates the phase of CIP.


The knife-edge feature consists of a pair of faces in which one face has a very narrow running track. These are located on the product side. The idea is to minimize contact area so that products with high viscosity (> 1000 cSt) or with very sticky or crystallizing behaviour (e.g. high sugar content) do not create a too high starting torque which can break the seal face.

This feature can be combined with Tungsten Carbide material on the faces concerned in order to increase mechanical resistance.

Excellent radial movement capabilities

Through a new design the seal is able to compensate for angular deviation without generating stresses over the seal faces, which may influence sealing performance. This feature minimizes the effects of excessive shaft bending during operation against closed valves.