What are the advantages of the knife-edge feature in mechanical seals?

Seals equipped with knife-edge feature have much better performances in the case of chocolate-based or particularly sticky products. We at Huhnseal ma... [read more]

What are the advantages of diamond coating in mechanical seals?

The diamond coating increases the life of the seal and decreases the friction coefficient and therefore the heat developed during operation. We at Huh... [read more]

Are the mechanical seals proposed by Huhnseal certified?

Huhnseal Mechanical Seals have almost all kinds of certifications. We have a certified Quality System in line with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standard... [read more]

What is a mechanical seal?

A mechanical seal is a fluid containment system within a vessel (such as pumps or mixers) where a rotating shaft passes through a stationary housing o... [read more]

Why use a mechanical seal?

Using a high quality mechanical seal, made with the best materials such as those chosen by Huhnseal, allows to obtain several advantages: There are... [read more]