Mechanical seals with special treatments

Mechanical seals with special treatments

Special mechanical seals

Huhnseal AB is a Swedish company that develops and manufactures mechanical seals for many different commercial applications. In order to satisfy the customer’s requests, the company has implemented mechanical seals with special features.

The special features of our mechanical seals

Huhnseal has implemented a series of products which are designed for each specific application in several sectors. For this reason, in order to meet each specific customer’s requirements, the company offers seal systems with different special features, such as: 

  • Diamond Coating
  • Lip-o-Ring®
  • Knife-Edge
  • Excellent radial movement capabilities

Why choose Huhnseal

First of all, Huhnseal AB has a certified Quality System in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and HOSAS 18001  to satisfy the high-quality standard requested by the reference markets. To achieve this type of quality, in fact, Huhnseal has constantly committed itself to the research of the best raw materials, which allows for improving product characteristics and obtaining customized mechanical seals that offer high performance in each application.

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