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Thermosiphon System

The objective of a thermosiphon system is to provide a flow of cooling media to the mechanical seal at the required pressure.

The media recirculates through the seal by heat convection generated as the pump shaft rotates through the seal. The media in the vessel is forced into the seal through the bottom line as the hot barrier fluid leaves the seal through the top line back into the vessel.

The media flows in the circuit and is cooled by contact with the walls of the tank and the cooling coils if used. The thermosiphon system is therefore passive and stand-alone, avoiding the cost and complexity of a conventional liquid pump.

In order to achieve this natural cooling effect, the tank containing a suitable sealing liquid must be located approx 1-2 m above the seal and not more than 2 m on any side, connecting the seal and the tank with pipes in stainless steel.

Depending on the application, local conditions and client preferences, a thermosiphon system can be delivered in a number of different versions by combining several options and a basic package.

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