Accessories for mechanical seals

Accessories for mechanical seals

Production and supply of accessories for mechanical seals

Huhnseal AB is a Swedish company that develops and manufactures mechanical seals for the modern process industry. Our sealing solutions are designed, tested and manufactured for the global market, in particular the company is specialised in the production and supply of accessories for mechanical seals.

The advantages of our support systems

In addition to producing mechanical seals, the company has diversified its products and it also manufactures accessories in order to meet the specific needs of customers operating within each different commercial sector. Huhnseal, indeed, offers support systems, such as the thermosiphon system. Its aim is to provide a flow of cooling media to the mechanical seal at the required pressure.

Why choose Huhnseals’ products

Huhnseal stands out for its professionalism and innovation. It has always improved its technologies and constantly trained its staff, so that it can always provide top quality products. Therefore, the company strongly believes that top quality, technical competence and service are three essential elements to compete in the market and also to create strong business strategies, while prioritising the customer.

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