Seals production for food uses

Seals production for food uses

The manufacture activity of mechanical seals used in food industry

If you are looking for a company specialized in mechanical seals production for food uses, choose Huhnseal. The enterprise work in this industrial field for over 100 years and it was able to satisfy customer from all over the world. The design and development of these technological products are entrusted to an expert team that commit itself to offer always the most performant solution in each application.

One company, many models: all products for this use

Who deals with food and drinks work each day with products that have particular characteristics and needs, precisely for this reason, to use a specific gasket for each application. Thanks to the experience gained over the years and a direct relationship with its customers, Huhnseal has anticipated the requests of the reference sector, expanding its catalog and offering a large number of mechanical seals for food industry. For example, you can choose among the following models:

Seals production for food uses

Why use Huhnseal models

Working close to your customers, however, also means being able to better understand what their requests are from the point of view of quality standards. In order to ensure the obtaining of mechanical seals for food uses with great performance, Huhnseal, for example, take particular care to the raw materials used for its production. The company also creates solutions that provide numerous other advantages, such as those relating to the following characteristics:

  • Long life
  • High reliability
  • Hygienic design
  • Simple to be repaired
  • Double seals with buffer sealing water

How to request all products details

In order to obtain more information about the seals for food uses produced by Huhnseal, it is available the contact page. Please, access inside it and fill in completely the form you will find. In the shortest possible time, the company will answer all your question, as exhaustively as possible.