split balanced single cartridge seal


It is ideal for installation in pumps and agitators where it is difficult to remove the shaft and it handles normal pressure, temperature and speed. Because the seal is delivered in two halves which are mounted together with eight screws it is very easy to install.
The seal is assembled outside the pump and then pushed along the shaft on to the pump cover and then the gland bolts are tightened. When the set screws are tightened the distance clips can be removed. Huhnseal FS is available in shaft dimensions between 40-200 mm. Patent 5662340.

The easiest installation of any split seal in the world
Simply attach the two halves over the shaft and mount to the pump like any other cartridge seal.
Only split seal in the world in which just two pieces are handled
No handling of lapped faces as both are secured safely in the cartridge halves. Faces can’t get cocked, chipped or scarred.
Only split seal where impeller can be adjusted without removing the seal
Simply reinstall setting clips, release set screws and adjust impeller position, then retighten set screws and remove the clips.
Only split seal that can be fully assembled and pressure tested at the factory
Sealing integrity is insured completely before being sent to the field.
Ensuring each installation of the highest success rate.
No measurements, no shims, no special tools and no glue
Standard cartridge setting clips assures proper axial and radial alignment and makes installation even easier.


1 Rotating seal ring

2 Shaft sleever

3 Static O-ring

4 Stationary spring loaded seal ring

5 Flange

6 Secondary seal

7 Static O-ring for the shaft

8 Holes for screws

9 Hole for guide pin

10 Distance clip

11 Gasket for pump cover

This product can be used in the following areas: