balanced double cartridge seal


Huhnseal BA-ISP is a balanced double cartridge seal. This seals is specially designed for ABS Scanpump pumps. It is typically used on pumps transporting abrasive and environmentally hazardous liquids in cooking and evaporation facilities in pulp mills.

Specially designed for ABS Scanpump pumps (Locks in place)
Easy installation reduces risk of human error
No measurements required for installation

Robust and double balanced design
Allows usage of both pressurized and non-pressurized seal water

Springs outside buffer fluid
Prevents clogging of seal

Axial movement ±3mm
Necessary if shaft has large axial clearance
Heat expansion of shaft does not impact on spring load

Shaft sleeve clamped to recess in shaft, no stop screws
Contributes to safe operation

Large buffer volume
Provides for excellent cooling

Special vortex braking geometry
Extends the lifetime of the seal

This product can be used in the following areas: