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balanced single cartridge seal equipped with flush


Huhnseal BF-ISP is a balanced single cartridge seal equipped with flush connection and two Grafoil rings. This seals is specially designed for ABS Scanpump pumps.


• Specially designed for ABS Scanpump pumps (Locks in place)

    - Easy installation reduces risk of human error

    - No measurements required for installation

• Robust and balanced design

    - Undisturbed operation even with sudden pressure shocks

• Springs are protected from the process media

    -  Prevents clogging of seal

• Axial movement ±3mm

    - Necessary if shaft has large axial clearance

    - Heat expansion of shaft does not impact on spring load

• Shaft sleeve clamped to recess in shaft, no stop screws

    - Contributes to safe operation

• Large buffer volume

    - Provides for excellent cooling

• Special vortex braking geometry

    - Extends the lifetime of the seal

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