balanced single cartridge seal


Huhnseal BFS is a balanced single mechanical seal specially designed for slurry applications. The spring package is placed outside of the product zone to avoid clogging. The use of this spring package allows for larger axial movement capabilities compared to conventional spring packages. The design is robust with premium materials from top suppliers. In the sealing area the surfaces are smooth with no sharp edges and corners to avoid inducing turbulent flow which will increase the wear.

Special rubber wiper protects the dynamic o-ring and groove from getting clogged and worn by abrasive slurry.

Zero-Flush Mechanical Seals designed for slurry applications
Non-clogging springs isolated from the slurry and surrounding environment
Seal face and holder profile minimizes turbulence and reduces wear
Excellent axial movement capabilities


1) Seal faces

Standard silicon carbide faces with optional diamond coating or tungsten carbide

2) Wear resistant design

Axially aligned seal profile of the wetted parts help to avoid inducing turbulent flows that cause excessive wear

3) Protected dynamic o-ring

Wiper protects the o-ring and groove from getting clogged and worn by abrasive slurry

4) Robust design for slurry applications

Various metallurgy and coatings are available to help reduce wear and corrosion

5) Non-clogging spring package

Springs are isolated from the slurry to prevent clogging

6) Excellent axial movement capabilities

Design makes it possible for the seal to handle large axial movement to simplify impeller adjustments

7) Zero - Flush Mechanical Seal

Seal faces are cooled and lubricated by the slurry
No additional water flush is necessary which provides substantial water savings

This product can be used in the following areas: