balanced double cartridge seal


Huhnseal ED is a double balanced cartridge seal maintaining sealing performance even during sudden pressure drops on the product side and/or the secondary side.

The design of the seal is robust and rigid but at the same time flexible, with excellent radial and axial movement capabilities.

The springs are located outside both the product and the flush minimizing risk for clogging.


Excellent axial movement
The seal can move ± 2,0 mm independent of the compression of the springs. The seal follows the movement of the shaft without influencing the compression of the springs. This feature is essential when sealing equipment with flexible bearing units.

Patented protected spring package
The springs are located outside both the product and the flush. Minimizing the risk for clogging, which is one of the most common causes for seal failure. Patent No: 900912-2

Safe drive of rotating surface at the atmospheric side
The rotating face on the atmospheric side is driven by three big drive pins machined into the sealing face. The pins are not in contact with the quench liquid, eliminating the risk of them being blocked axially by residues from the quench.

Hygienic applications
Smooth surfaces without cavities or closed spaces make the seal suitable for food and drug applications. If required, the gasket may be replaced with O-rings according to EHEDG in order to achieve a hygienic designed seal suitable for CIP (Cleaning in Place).

H4 design
The rotating sealing face on the product side has the new “H4-design”. This means that the seal face is O-ring mounted and the outer diameter of the seal face is the same as of the holder. This prevents the forming of turbulent flows, which cause heavy wear in abrasive liquids.

Axial cooling channels
Allow for installation of a double seal in applications with very limited space.

Excellent radial movement capabilities
Through a new design the seal is able to compensate for angular deviation without generating stresses over the seal faces, which may influence sealing performance. This feature minimizes the effects of excessive shaft bending during operation against closed valves.