balanced single cartridge mechanical seal


Huhnseal ES is a balanced single mechanical seal with a unique and modern design. The springs are not placed directly behind the stationary face, this being the most common competitor solution, but have been located on a larger diameter further away from the critical O-ring and seal face gap in order to reduce risk for clogging. Due to the relocation of the springs, more robust springs may be used enabling to change from compression to tension springs. The robust tension spring design gives the seal better performance since it is more difficult for particles and fibers from the product to reach and clog up the springs. Additionally, the relatively long springs with larger wire diameter increase the axial and radial movement capabilities of the seal.

First-class materials from carefully selected suppliers ensure optimized performance at minimized built-in dimensions.


Hygienic solutions
Smooth surfaces without cavities or closed spaces make the seal suitable for food and drug application. If required the gasket may be replaced with O-rings in execution according to EHEDG to achieve a hygienic designed seal suitable for CIP (Cleaning in Place).

H4 design
The rotating sealing face on the product side has the new “H4-design”. This means that the seal is O- ring mounted and the outer diameter of the seal face is the same as of the holder. This prevents the forming of turbulent flows, which cause heavy wear in abrasive liquids.

Advantageous built-in dimensions
Fits in most standard pump stuffing boxes.

Optional additional flange for flushing
The seal may be equipped with an extra flange when flushing into the media is needed. The standard design is without flange since the chamber with a small gap given by the flushing flange may encourage material build-up if flush is not connected.

Spring package located on the outside of the flange
This design is better protected against fiber and particle build-up, which eventually causes clogged- up springs.

Patented tension springs
Allow for an excellent axial movement of ± 2,0 mm.
Patent No: 9803436-6

Excellent angular movement capabilities
Advantage when operating against closed valves, causing shaft bending.

This product can be used in the following areas: