COVID-19 Emergency

Dear Business Partner,

The Covid -19 virus is quickly evolving and Huhnseal is reacting to the individual restrictions being placed on our global workforce by local authorities.
The health and safety of our employees is a priority, so today we have taken a decision to change our daily working practices to reduce direct contact with others whilst traveling to work and within the work environment.

All of employees that have the ability to work from home will start to do so from Monday 23rd March, with a limited rota of staff continuing to be present at the office and our production staff will implement a new rota to reduce the density of staff within our production environment.
We remain fully open for business and your normal daily contacts will be available by email, telephone or through internet applications.

We will review the situation frequently and hope to resume to our normal working practices as soon as possible.
We would like to thank our business partners for their patience and understanding during this challenging time.