Pulp & paper mechanical seals production

Huhnseal is a company with over 100 years of experience in the pulp and paper mechanical seals production, that work constantly to improve the efficie... [read more]

Pharmaceutical mechanical seals production

Since its foundation, about 100 years ago, Huhhnseal has specialized in the pharmaceutical mechanical seals production and has worked constantly to im... [read more]

W&WW mechanical seals production

Huhhnseal is a company with a long experience in the W&WW mechanical seals production and, since its, foundation, about 100 years ago, has worked cons... [read more]

Supplier pharmaceutical mechanical seals

Historical company known for its industrial activities, Huhnseal is a supplier of pharmaceutical mechanical seals, founded about 100 years ago. Thanks... [read more]

Supplier chemical mechanical seals

Industrial company born in the beginning of XIX century, Huhnseal is a supplier of chemical mechanical seals used by many enterprises in this particul... [read more]