Design of seals for compressors

Design of seals for compressors

Sale of mechanical seals for compressors

Huhnseal AB is a Swedish company that develops and manufactures mechanical seals for the modern process industry thanks to its expertise and know-how. The company, among other things, produces a series of seal systems which are perfectly suitable for different applicative fields of the industrial sector. In particular, it has specialised in the manufacture and design of seals for compressors

Seals for the refrigeration industry

Huhnseal offers a complete line of compressor seals for the refrigeration industryIn particular, our products meet the highest demands for screw compressors and reciprocating compressors since the mechanical seal is a critical component related to compressor reliability. For this reason, the company offers the best solutions to improve the equipment reliability, reduce refrigerant and energy consumption hence lower the total cost of operation.

Characteristics of Huhnseal mechanical seals

Huhnseal mechanical seals are designed with particular features to make them perfectly suitable for many applications, thanks to their:

  • High resistance
  • Long life
  • Great reliability
  • Power saving
  • Easy to be repaired

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