Mechanical seals for self-priming pumps

Mechanical seals for self-priming pumps

Sale of mechanical seals for the water sector

Huhnseal is a Swedish company which has designed and produced a series of products which are perfectly suitable for different applicative fields of the industrial sector. Furthermore, it continues to improve its technological know-how to ensure high-quality, custom-made products, such as mechanical seals and correlated accessories, for a wide range of commercial sectors. As regards the water sector, the company has specialised in manufacturing mechanical seals for self-priming pumps, drainage wells pumps and pumps dedicated to wastewater treatment.

Features of the mechanical seals in the WW&W and DEWATERING

Huhnseal mechanical seals are designed with particular features to make them perfectly suitable for many applications, thanks to their:

  • Resistance to abrasion and chemical aggression
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures
  • Long life
  • Great reliability
  • Ease of repair
  • Double seals with barrier-sealing water

Why trust Huhnseal

Huhnseal continues to improve its technological know-how to ensure high-quality, custom-made products in every application area. The industrial mechanical seals by Huhnseal are ideal for the pumping of abrasive liquids, thick liquids, high-temperature liquids and high-pressure liquids sector. In addition, they all ensure maximum isolation and a reduction of liquid loss, thanks to the innovative design of our products which are ideal, especially for this type of application. Our mechanical systems are mainly characterized by a mix of materials including silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, alumina, viton elastomers, kalrez and FEP, which guarantee the industrial mechanical seals' long life and also excellent reliability of use.

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