Custom mechanical seals

Custom mechanical seals

The personalized seals produced by Huhnseal

With over 100 years of experience in the reference sector, Huhnseal is a company specialising in custom mechanical seals that work with clients from all over the world. For the design and development of these products work a team of specialists, is able to improve year after year the quality of seals, in order to fully satisfy each customer.

For which sectors are designed?

Work inside the reference sector has allowed Huhnseal to understand as well as possible the customer needs and enlarge, precisely for this reason, the offered customization. Through the development of different technologies, in fact, Huhnseal can offer personalized mechanical seals suitable for a wide range of industrial sectors. For example, these products are able to fully meet the needs of the followings fields:

Why choose Company’s seals?

But offer versatile products is not enough to satisfy the high quality standard requested by the reference markets. To achieve this goal, in fact, Huhnseal has constantly committed itself in the research of best raw materials, that allow improving products characteristics and obtaining customized mechanical seals that offer high performance in each application.  Among the many advantages offered by Huhnseal products, for example, we can underline:

  • High longevity
  • Excellent reliability
  • Water and power saving
  • Simple to be repaired

More information? How to contact Huhnseal

If you need a personal quotation or more information about personalized mechanical seals produced by the company, please enter in the contact section and use the form inside it. As soon as possible, Huhnseal team will be glad to answer all your questions.