W&WW mechanical seals production

W&WW mechanical seals production

The making of mechanical seals for industrial sectors

Huhhnseal is a company with a long experience in the W&WW mechanical seals production and, since its, foundation, about 100 years ago, has worked constantly to improve the efficiency of its articles. Thanks to this work philosophy, can offer to each customer the best solution.

What are the advantages offered by these mechanical seals?

Meet the excellent quality standards required by this specific field is one of the main business objectives of Huhnseal. The company, in order to obtain this result has constantly improved the quality of its machinery and the materials used, ensuring a production of high-efficiency W&WW mechanical seals. Between the many advantages offered by this type of product, for example, you will notice the following ones:

  • Resistance to abrasion and chemical aggression
  • Easy to be repaired
  • Great longevity
  • Good reliability
  • Resistance to extremely high temperatures

What models are realized for this industrial field?

Huhnseal work every day to expand its offer, proposing new articles in its catalogue, and to satisfy the different needs of its customer. Actually, thanks to this will, can propose the manufacture of a wide range of W&WW mechanical seals, that are entirely developed by the internal staff, composed by specialized technicians, among there are those shown below:

W&WW mechanical seals production

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