OEM mechanical seals

OEM mechanical seals

Are you searching for OEM mechanical seals (Original Equipment Manufactures)? Huhnseal is a Swedish company that can be your best partner in supplying OEM mechanical seals, with an application of products in different sectors, such as pulp & paper, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, mining & slurry and general process and offshore industry.

The main objective of Huhnseal's OEM mechanical seals is reaching optimum quality in his production and offering customized solutions’ to the client’s problems, always seeking the best quality, with great reliability and high resistance. The company is also particularly attentive on reducing energy consumption and lowering operation costs, focusing on the respect of the environment.

OEM mechanical seals

Choosing Huhnseal’s OEM mechanical seals, you will obtain some advantages: for example, if we are talking about sealing solutions for the chemical sector, you will benefit from resistance to abrasion and chemical aggression, resistance to extreme temperatures, long life, great reliability, easiness of reparation, double seals with barrier sealing water.

If you choose Hunhnseal’s OEM mechanical seals for the food & beverage sector, you won’t have to worry about anything, because all hygienic standards are strictly followed. Some advice there are:

  • Vertical and horizontal agitators;
  • Mixers;
  • Centrifugal pumps;
  • Volumetric pumps.

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